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Is the script unflinchingly accurate, or are we talking about Stephen Hawking standing up at the end of The Theory Of Everything here? Entertainment Weekly tracked down the real-life Jorge Salcedo — the security head of the Cali Cartel who was central in bringing down the empire and now lives under witness protection in the US — to get the facts behind the fictionalisation.

Glen Burnie Man, Woman Arrested In Fatal Stabbing Of Jorge Perez – CBS Baltimore

Let us, with spoilers aplenty, count the ways…. The scene in which Salcedo — a high-end engineer with access to military grade surveillance equipment — is locked in a room with Miguel and co-opted into the cartel to head up security in the wake of an attempted bomb attack on Miguel by Pablo Escobar is, according to Salcedo, verbatim. I had no option of saying no… everyone gets emotional now about these killings that ISIS is doing here, there, everywhere.

He had put a bomb in the building that destroyed the equivalent of the FBI in Colombia. Sharethrough Mobile. An early scene in season three had Pacho pulling Salazar apart by strapping him to two motorcycles. Not too far from the truth, Salcedo says. They did that the same. Not with Harleys, they used two Land Cruisers.

Mayor of Bogota

In Narcos , Salcedo is brought to a farmhouse for a meeting, only to find himself witness to an execution. True story? I started hearing screaming. On October 7, , Matt as his friends called him , was taken to the outskirts of the city of Laramie by two men who tied him to a fence and beat him until he was comatose. Matt's murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Anderson, were found guilty and both sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.

On November 13, , Jorge Steven was murdered, decapitated, dismembered and partially burned by his self-confessed murderer. The murder occurred in the town of Cayey, Puerto Rico. Both Jorge Steven and Matt were young, slender, of affable character, pleasant and very much loved by their relatives. Both young men were brutally murdered in a remote area away from the city.

However, what makes these two cases even more interesting are both the reaction of the murderers and the community at large following the assassination. Matt's murderers confessed that the reason for beating the youngster was a lesson not to mess with heterosexuals.

This hatred towards a particular sector of the population is a homogeneous trait between the two cases. Moreover, questions, doubts, and moral issues were raised in regards to the innocence of both victims due to the prevalent prejudice towards this particular sector and the issue of homosexuality.

In Matt's case, arguments aimed at blaming the victim established that he had sexually flirted with the murderers and this kind of behavior would most likely yield to violent behavior. Overlapping these two cases is also the issue of possible drug abuse by both murderers.

In both cases it was argued whether these substances propelled the murderers to act in such a violent manner as to lead them to brutally kill their victims. Martinez also confessed to police that while serving in jail for a domestic violence crime he was sexually abused by one of his inmates. Both Jorge Steven and Matt were portrayed as drug users. The fact that it was rumored that Jorge Steven engaged in prostitution generated a sense of moral confision and debate in the community.

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This issue adds even more complexity to the case. In Matt's case, shortly after the savage beating, it was discovered that the boy was HIV positive and an acquaintance of Matt stated that he had expressed his desire to commit suicide.

They both raise doubts, also, amongst those who hold religious and moral points of view, which at times have more weight in our society than violence itself. The "gay panic defense" is a legal defense that seeks to establish that the murderer had a lapse of insanity tied to a state of violence that led to perpetrate the attack. The genesis of this defense tactic stems from a weak psychiatric defense theory outlined by Dr. Edward J.

Kempf in The theory states that the perpetrator suffers from psychosis that generates brief hallucinations and violent reactions and accuses the victim of homosexual acts. Aaron McKinney raised this defense in court arguing that he beat Matt because Matt patted his thigh in the direction of his genitals, but the court rejected the argument.

The alleged murderer said the memory of the incident at the prison led him to perpetrate such a cruel act when he realized that Jorge Steven was a man and not a woman. It remains to be seen if defense lawyers will use the argument in local courts. Despite the extensive overlap in the circumstances surrounding the cases and the moral and religious arguments that undermine the events, there has also been a positive side: the reaction of the press and the community to a crime of these dimensions.

Both in the case of Matt as in Jorge Steven, media coverage has been intense, and the gay community in general has spilled over into expressions of repudiation of such crimes through demonstrations, marches and vigils. I vividly remember the first time I heard about the Matthew Shepard murder that took place in Wyoming. I remember being outraged and thinking it was ridiculous that the murderers even attempted to justify their actions with the fact that Shepard was allegedly being flirtatious with them.

Similarly in the Jorge Steven Lopez case, I think the murderer's use of attempting to justify what he did by what had happened to him in the past in prison is an intensely thin rationalization. I don't think in either of these cases the accusations of what the victims "inflicted" onto the murderers is in any way shape or form deserving of the brutality they experienced, ultimately resulting in death. I do think it's very interesting how both cases have many similarities, given they take place in completely different locations as well as vastly different time frames.

I'm sure many people would suggest that when it comes to hate crimes among society, we may possibly be improving and that as the years progress, tolerance grows and crimes such as these take place less and less frequently. While I don't know if I entirely agree with that, both of these crimes took place over 10 years apart from each other and as this article specifically highlights, holds many parallels and alignments.

I think it's outrageous that both murderers, although they happened at different times, claimed that their actions were provoked by the victims. Even if they had past experiences where they felt uncomfortable the someone of the same sex, they should have talked to someone and got help.

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I'm pretty sure that the victims did not do anything towards the murderers like touching McKinnley's thigh to harm them, and if they did I'm sure that it was not something that words could not solve. Being around Carribeans and general males often, I do witness negative reactions and words towards homosexuals and I find myself constantly letting them know that no one is going to hit on them and that they are no different from straight people. Luckily, no one that I personally know has taken a step to harm another individual.

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I find it sad that things like this occur, and using the idea of having a "psycological problem" in the court system is not an excuse for taking someone's life due to their love interests. The murderers in both cases drew blame onto the victim for the crime they committed. In both cases the victims supposedly made sexual advances onto their murderers.

But viciously murdering another because that person touched your thigh in a certain manner? The Gay Panic Defense is usually not a justifiable defense in most cases that use it, mainly because there is not enough psychological research to back it. Whether you went into gay panic mode or not, that isn't a fucking excuse to kill someone. If I was picking up a prostitute which for the record is unlikely to happen and I found out that they were actually female to male men, I would never freak out and kill them.

Nor would I make them feel bad for their want and perhaps need to transition. It is disgusting that straight men could get off with a defense like that.