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They will book your passage on the ship. EMI will help you with transfers to and from the cruise, cabin selection, and dinner table seating, and will provide guidance for other onboard needs. How much does the cruise cost? We have cabins in a wide range of prices.

Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion

You will find that we are offering favorable rates compared to our other cruises, especially when you look at how much we are charging per day. What types of cabins are on the ship? Where are they located? There are a wide variety of cabins throughout all levels of the ship.

You will always be close to the action on the Veendam. If you are interested in a Verandah cabin, we suggest that you book early, since there are relatively few of these available. Is this a different ship than we have sailed before? For those of you who have traveled with us before, we will be sailing on the original class of ship with the Veendam. We sailed the same ship for a seven-day trip to Alaska in This ship will feel familiar, since the layout is similar to previous charters we have sailed.

You will come aboard and immediately feel at home. Check out the Veendam Deck Plan. How do I book a cabin? What types are currently available? You will see a list of the currently available cabins. Just click on the one you are interested in. May I sail only part of this cruise? Deviations need to be requested in advance of the sailing via EMI. We do need to ensure that you are aware of a few stipulations. Additionally, while we endeavor to follow our published itinerary, please understand that unplanned circumstances may require that we change or cancel our scheduled call to this port, or otherwise prohibit our ability to honor the deviation request.

Should this occur, you as the guest assume all responsibility for any additional costs incurred. Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust the cruise fare or make a change to individual invoices to manually reflect the shorter cruise segment. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Are wheelchair-accessible rooms available onboard? What about other special needs? We seek, to the fullest extent feasible, to accommodate guests with special needs. Holland America offers a limited number of staterooms designed to be wheelchair and scooter accessible. Most public areas of the ship are wheelchair accessible; some areas such as the topmost outdoor observation area are not. You can explore the deck plan Veendam Deck Plan to see where the wheelchair-accessible rooms are located.

Please contact EMI directly at to discuss any special needs you may have. Is travel insurance necessary? We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance. You will be booking this cruise many months before we sail; circumstances can easily change. Insurance is your only recourse for reimbursement in the event of change, delay, or crisis. What is included in the payment and what will cost extra? While on board, you can spend a minimal amount or incur significant charges by the end of the cruise. You will certainly be able to have an enjoyable time no matter how little or how much you spend.

Alcoholic beverages, soda, spa services, the casino, and other onboard services are not included in your fare. We do not include airfare, ground transportation, shore excursions, or other off-ship expenses in our fares. Can I get a discount on my cruise? This cruise is private and chartered. EMI will confirm your reservation with you electronically and provide an EMI confirmation number they will use to track your reservation. Closer to the cruise, EMI will provide your Holland America booking number and cabin number , which you will use to prepare for your trip to Book Shore Excursions.

How do I check in? All passengers are required to check in using this system in advance of the cruise. You will need your HAL booking number to do this. You will be prompted to accept Holland America Terms and Conditions online. Once this is clicked, the contract is accepted. All documents necessary for your cruise will be provided online through Express Docs, including your cruise contract and your boarding pass.

You will need to print out the boarding pass portion of these documents for each person in your party and have the boarding passes available at check-in. It is essential that you review all documents thoroughly and that you bring everything with you. This process is similar to checking in for an airline flight, just more extensive.

It is required.

Art and Science of Raja Yoga Audio Companion Set, The | Crystal Clarity Publishers

May I cancel my reservation? You may cancel, but we have a strict refund policy. On or after November 20, , your full cruise fare will be collected and is not refundable. How do I pay for extras while on board? These accounts must be settled before disembarking.

If you have not done so already online, you will need to register your credit or debit card in order to use your onboard account for shipboard purchases. On the day of sailing, your card will be pre-authorized for U. Your account will then be activated, and you may make purchases by simply showing your guest identification card and signing a receipt. At the end of your cruise, you will receive a final statement, and your card will be charged only for the actual amount of your purchases.

Please inform your credit or debit card issuer in advance that your card will be used on a Holland America Line ship. This will help prevent delays in obtaining pre-authorization on board. Some banks may keep the pre-authorization in place for up to 30 days. If you do not want to use a credit or debit card, the ship will collect a cash deposit from you at time of boarding in the same pre-authorization amount. Any excess deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the cruise. Personal checks are not accepted on board. What about tipping? To whom and how much?

A prepaid gratuity is included in your cruise fare. In addition, an automatic 15 percent gratuity is added to all bar and beverage service. Any tipping above this is entirely up to you. It is common, but not required, to tip for personal service in your cabin. Spa services include a 15 percent automatic gratuity.

For more info regarding these charges see Gratuities and Service charges. In terminals, airports, ports of call, on-shore excursions, and at hotels, we suggest that you extend gratuities consistent with customary practices. Are guests from outside the U. International guests will be able to book their cabins online. All credit card charges will take place in USD and be converted to your local currency the day of the transaction. Regardless of who books your air travel, you must send EMI a copy of your flight itinerary. If you book your own travel, you must still provide EMI with your flight itinerary.

This is a legal requirement: you will be denied boarding if you do not provide your travel itinerary in advance. You must provide a cell or other phone number that can be used to communicate with you in the event of travel delays. We recommend that you purchase airline tickets early. We hope you can find a good deal for travel to Fort Lauderdale. Boarding will begin in Fort Lauderdale at approximately a. You must be on board no later than p. We sail at p. Fort Lauderdale is a major cruise port and there are many options for same-day travel from the airport to the cruise terminal.

The two are quite close to each other. Please be sure to allow ample time for travel complications, understanding that you should arrive to the cruise terminal no later than p. For those that choose to fly into Miami International Airport, driving time between the Miami airport and the port is approximately 40 minutes.

Leave ample time to transfer as you would in any major city. Upon our return to Fort Lauderdale, disembarkation may begin as early as a. Passengers should easily be able to depart from Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, if you wish. We suggest a departure time no earlier than p. What if my luggage gets lost by the airline? In the event your bags are delayed, Holland America will make every effort to work with local operators to help your bags catch up with the ship.

Guests will need to submit a claim at the airport before joining the vessel, once onboard the Veendam, guests must submit their claim along with any other details to the Guest Service desk. Please note that some major discount air carriers require that lost or delayed luggage be signed for personally by the owner at the airport. Please check their policies carefully before booking your air travel. Where can I stay in Fort Lauderdale? EMI has blocked out rooms in a nearby hotel, before and after the cruise. Fort Lauderdale hotel rooms are not included in your cruise fare.

EMI will not book a hotel room for you unless you ask them to do so. What are the arrangements for travel from airport to ship? These transfers will include luggage handling. EMI will not book any of these options for you unless you request them. Costs for these transfers are in addition to your cruise fare.

Here are the basic options:. How about getting to Fort Lauderdale on my own? This may be a good option for many of our passengers. There are parking facilities available at or near the terminal, including a garage adjacent to the terminal.

Stay in Touch

How do I get my luggage onto the ship? They do it for you! Once at the port terminal, you will leave your bags at the designated drop bag area for transfer to the ship—much the way you would check bags for a plane flight. There is no cost for this service. Your bags will be delivered directly to your cabin.

A similar procedure will happen in reverse when we return to Fort Lauderdale. When you first get on and last get off the boat, there will be a lengthy period of time when you will not have access to your baggage or to your cabin. Please be prepared with a small carry-on bag to hold the items you need, including all of your travel documents, medications, and any valuables you may have with you.

Whenever your bags are being transferred for you, please be sure to respect deadlines for having your bag ready, properly tag your bags, and reclaim them promptly. In particular, remember that just as at an airport, you will always need to claim your luggage in the cruise terminal.

It will not automatically be transferred to your hotel. Is there security screening? Before embarking the ship, your luggage will be screened before being loaded onto the vessel. If electrical devices or illegal substances are detected, you will be called to security to verify your items.

Will I need a passport? All passengers 16 years of age and over need passports. There are exceptions for infants and minors under the age of Passports must be good for six months beyond the duration of the cruise. These regulations are strictly enforced. May visitors come onboard? Holland America does allow for guests to have onboard visitors. If guests are interested in having a guest on board, they can visit the front office to find out the terms and conditions.

What about after the cruise, in Fort Lauderdale? We arrive early in Fort Lauderdale, allowing a great opportunity to explore all the area offers. EMI will offer you the option of booking a transfer directly to the airport if you are flying immediately following the cruise. You will require a minimum of two 2 hours to transfer off and get from the ship to the airport, plus time to navigate the airport itself.

We suggest booking flights out of Fort Lauderdale that leave after p. Yes, all passengers must carry a passport that expires a minimum of six 6 months following the cruise. For this domestic origination cruise, infants and minors under the age of 16 may prove citizenship with a government-issued birth certificate, and copies are acceptable. Do I need shots? We are not aware of any special vaccinations or immunizations required for the areas to which we are traveling but please refer to Immunization Recommendations for additional information.

Please refer to Travel Advisories for current details regarding all advisories. What languages will be spoken at our ports of call? English is the official language in Ocho Rios and George Town. In Mexico, the official language is Spanish, though many citizens speak English. ATM machines will be available to draw funds, but with arrival in Jamaica on a Sunday, banks will be closed. Credit cards are widely accepted. Your best bet is to use Mexican Pesos instead of other currencies to pay for your shopping, dining out, and other purchases as local business exchange rates are usually not good.

What will we do on board? Boredom is not an issue. Never has been, never will be. We will schedule a full slate of musical performances. There will be sing-alongs and storytelling and gatherings with Garrison. The APHC events are in addition to all of the activities you would expect on a cruise ship: dining, swimming, spa services, eating, relaxing, sports, gambling, shopping, eating, entertainment, other special events, and more eating.

When do we attend the evening performances? Our main attraction on board is the evening performance in the main showroom. These can be similar to APHC broadcast shows, or they can be music concerts, or even shows featuring the various talents of your fellow passengers. Regardless, everyone wants to come see them. The problem comes when people try to see both shows.

This can deny your fellow passengers the opportunity to see the show, so we use a plan that we hope you think is fair. You will receive a color-coded Holland America ID card. This will identify which show you may attend each night. We are going to check this identification for each main evening show, just as we would take tickets for a regular performance. We will clear the auditorium after each show, and we will not allow people to reserve seats in advance. Will you publish a schedule of activities? We are always adding new things to do, right up to the day of departure.

When you arrive on the ship, we will have for you a schedule of activities for the entire cruise. Once aboard, we adjust the schedule daily. The Prairie Home Company will be guests of Holland America just like you, living in cabins right down the hall or maybe next door. Should I bring a musical instrument? Will any of the shows be broadcast? No, but they will be recorded for possible later use. We may feature some video, photos, and audio segments via garrisonkeillor. Will there be opportunities for autographs? While on board, feel free to ask for autographs at your leisure.

We will also schedule autograph sessions in coordination with the gift shops on board. Will there be APHC merchandise for sale? Check out the gift shops on board. When do we schedule our dining? May we sit together at dinner? When you register for the cruise, you will request your seating preferences for dining. EMI will do everything possible to honor seating requests. In most every case you will be able to sit near friends and family assuming you want to!

You may meet new friends at your table as well. Note that your dining time preference determines which performance of the evening Showroom events you will attend. What is the difference between early seating and late seating? Then they go to the second Main Lounge show, at p. They then go to dinner at the second seating, at p. If I have food allergies or other dietary needs, will the ship be able to accommodate these? Yes, but you must inform us in advance. Upon your initial booking via the EMI website, you will be asked about dietary restrictions. You will be asked again when you check in to Holland America to receive your Boarding Documents.

Any special needs should be noted at this time e. What is the Dress Code? Because we are chartering the ship, APHC has the freedom to set our own dress code policies. We are considerably more relaxed than the standard cruise. Sunday-go-to-church clothes is about as fancy as we get. If you like to dress up, please feel free, and many of us may join you. The only time there will be an actual dress code is in the dining rooms during the evening meal.

We ask that you not wear casual T-shirts, swimsuits, bathrobes, tank tops, shorts, and the like in the dining room. These nights are an opportunity for you to dress up, and the crew will wear their dress uniforms, but it is not a strict requirement. May we dine elsewhere? Holland America offers many other options for dining. The Pinnacle and Canaletto options require a modest surcharge — well worth it for the high quality of food, level of service, and atmosphere.

How will they be identified? We will staff an info table near the front desk. After boarding the ship, how long before I can get into the cabin? Boarding for the ship begins several hours before we cast off. HAL has streamlined this process to a great degree but please understand that they have to turn around accommodations for more than 1, people in a very short period of time.

Plenty of onboard activities will be available while you wait. Make arrangements for your week. And the buffet lines will be open. What kind of amenities will I find in my cabin? Cabins on the Veendam are outfitted much like a good hotel room. You will find them to be comfortable, nicely decorated, efficient, and clean. All linens and bedding will be supplied. Your bathroom comes complete with towels, toiletries, and your very own onboard bathrobe. You will find ample closet and drawer space, a dressing table, cabin-controlled air conditioning, a variety of cabin lighting, and a television with shipboard programming.

All staterooms are equipped with standard AC U. Personal care items and electronics will work just as they do at home. Hair dryers are available in all staterooms. You may wish to bring a travel alarm clock since they are not provided, although your cabin phone accesses an effective wake-up call system. For safety reasons, the ship respectfully requests that you do not iron clothing in your stateroom. Ironing facilities are available in the self-service laundry rooms for your convenience.

Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion

Full laundry, dry-cleaning, and valet services are available on the Veendam. Where can I smoke? Please note that Holland America has a strict policy of prohibiting smoking in all staterooms. This policy will be strictly enforced. Substantial fees will be charged for cleaning your cabin if you smoke inside. In Verandah cabins, smoking is permitted outside on the balconies only. You may smoke only in one designated public area on one outside deck of the ship.

Our cruise designates all interior areas including all lounge and restaurant areas as non-smoking where smoking might be permitted on other HAL cruises. See the Holland America Smoking Policy. How can I be reached in case of an emergency? Holland America has procedures in place for situations that require emergency contact with your loved ones. Please refer to Emergency Phone Numbers for more information. What if I need medical attention? Fully trained medical professionals are on board at all times, and a complete medical facility is available. Aspirin and seasickness pills are available at guest services, but you may have to pay for other items or services.

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Can I call my friends in their cabin? Can I call home? Your stateroom comes equipped with telephones that can be used to call your fellow passengers just as in a hotel. They can also be used for ship-to-shore communication, however significant charges apply. Please refer to Ship-to-shore communication for more information. Will my cell phone work?

Probably not while on board, almost certainly while in port — but be careful. Call your carrier for details for your plan. We suggest purchasing a data roaming package or making sure you deactivate your roaming feature before you leave port. Cellular at sea is very expensive. Will I have access to the internet?

You may bring your own computer or use ones provided by HAL. You can buy minutes for surfing the internet at any point throughout the trip. Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire vessel, including your stateroom, and is charged under the same system. Please be aware that the prices are high and can add up quickly.

Please refer to Internet Use for more details. We know that on previous cruises, many of our passengers have not been satisfied with the internet service on board. HAL continues to do what they can to improve service. However, a ship on the open ocean will only be able to access a certain amount of bandwidth and there will definitely be service outages. For your information, the biggest problems on our cruises occur when all of us try to get on the internet between leaving port and having dinner.

We recommend that you do not plan on accessing the internet to stream video, hold conference calls, engage in an activity that requires to you to maintain one consistent connection, or any other activity requiring high-quality internet service. That was hands down the most difficult and probably traumatic times of my life.

Did fame change him? You know, he wanted to be famous early on — he had a Danny Kaye dream. I think he really did want it.

Did it change him? He was a man who always fought for the underdog, he loved the people he grew up with in his neighborhood and stayed connected with them throughout his life. He was a man who connected with everyone from a young fan to a homeless guy to maybe some famous person he was meeting — there was a humanity about my dad. He was always very grounded. His brother used to say that even when he was a child he was always the hippest guy in the room. Oh, an enormous amount. My education as a psychologist and counselor informed so much and helped me heal so much.

It all helped me take it a lot less personally. It allowed me to see the path of my life. And gave me a lot of freedom — I could walk away from the trauma part and see events that would have affected almost anyone that way. You emerged from this complicated childhood as a therapist and as someone who wanted to be a performer. How do those two ambitions fit together, and how are they in tension?

They do represent two basic sides of myself — the extrovert and the introvert. I definitely have that part of me that wants to perform, wants to be seen and heard, wants to get a reaction from an audience, make people laugh. Getting a sense of the psychological journey a person takes across a life, I find fascinating.

Having that psychological understanding informs all of the work. And as a performer, I understand where I need to go for an audience so they can connect in a deeper way. Your dad was a great performer, obviously. I wonder, could he have happily done something else?

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  6. Could you imagine a different path for him that would have been satisfying? He talked openly in many interviews about his need for acceptance and approval and admiration — there was something about being seen and heard for him that was very important. He was an intellectual, certainly a philosopher. But he also had this incredible gift of the gab, and the physicality of his comedy was always there, too. There really never was a plan B for Dad. He was born when the world was ready for him — he never took that for granted. Scott Timberg is a former staff writer for Salon, focusing on culture.

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