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My art is my freedom and my livelihood. You might remember Italian photographer Maurizio Di lorio from when he shot our first ever photographic cover for Printed Pages way back in As well as focusing on a new book, which he aims to publish this year — looking at London and megacities in general — he has also been commissioned by various giants across the industry.

Here, he captured the place he called home as it changed, turned and evolved into a city under lock down. With an aim to break down the traditional structure of a magazine, the latest issue of Tunica is replete with experimental and interchangeable design. Anna Ridler is an artist whose work uses technology, in particular machine learning. When Berlin-based illustrator Paul Waak graced our screens back in , his fantastically weird series Vertex Maximus gave us nothing but entertainment.

Ana Popescu , an artist and illustrator based in Vienna, Austria, first caught our eye with her imaginary mid-century modernist villas in April But who are these seductive characters and who is she basing them off? Playful, exuberant and immensely fantastical, his work eludes the representational and instead focuses heavily on cartoon-like silhouettes, psychedelic backdrops and an otherworldly mix of digital and analogue mediums — something that could quite frankly be derived from a dream.

Known for his ridiculously well-rendered digital art, Washington D.

Photography: Trevor Hughes' collection of photos of bike messengers in the 90s | It's Nice That

Represented by bitforms gallery, Jonathan started out his career making prints, video installations and sculptures around 12 years ago, and has gone on to exhibit his work as an internationally acclaimed artist. The last time we spoke to Argentinian-born designer and illustrator Gustavo Eandi was back in Since then, the Barcelona-based creative has gone from strength to strength, building up a largely monochromatic portfolio that features work for the likes of Madlib, Carharrt, and Brain Dead.

But their oppressive codependence is interrupted when the washing machine breaks and hot wolf plumber Toomas comes quite literally into their lives.

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A spicy — and jealousy filled — love triangle ensues, and when Toomas beds both Manivald and his mum, Manivald knows its time to fly the nest. I don't actually know whether to be amused or disgusted. Happy Northern Hemisphere spring festival! Marcel Deburas, La fin des temps ne vient pas.

On reprend un verre Qui ne croit pas en les licornes. When someone sends you this and obviously wants a reaction. I can write an essay on it but this is as precise as I can be. One can say this is a pure example of commodity fetishism if one comes from Marx via Freud but one remembers Baudrillard's inputs about language Fetishism occurs when there's no longer transference of meaning, no longer any possible metaphor or when the object merges with the operation of the sign or when metaphor is taken literally remember BJP minister filing an RTI to see how many postoffices are in Kashmir, Shahid's Country without Post Office.

The description to the product reads: Rumi was convinced that liquor brings out our true nature.

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With Rumi vodka you invite Persian wisdom into your glass. New laptop swag courtesy of my sister who's cooler than I am. Collector of things not moments commodityfetishism. Every day is the same but I'm well medicated and don't really mind. I strongly believe it'll all change next Saturday for I plan to purchase a bicycle. Can't wait! Day 2: Cursed Objects ft.

Art is dead: The statement that the attempt to convey meaning through representation has run its course, and cannot be improved upon, only repeated like a ritual in a vain attempt to recreate the original feeling of "novelty". Buy plants instead Consume, work and shut up. Production and consumption are social reproduction. PlastiqueFantastique at hornimanmuseumgardens.

Amputee Fetishes: 6 Realities Of Losing Both Legs As A Girl

Plastique Fantastique were on this occasion a bunch of Meme-Tech-Animals existing in Zero City, where the Mayan calendar regulates work time, and spacey-musker-futurists proclaim Mars is hope and Earth has choked. Plastic is sterile; it is nature divided by nature, it cannot feed, fertilise or produce. It is a dead end.

The end of the world might well be a fluorescent pink dildo, or gluten-free brownies. The point perfectly proven by the Kanou sisters , with their super-sized breasts earning them regular media exposure. A quality release that will apparently feature mask-wearing maids,. Is this just me? To me, the most beautiful girls in the world are Oriental, many of these from the likes of Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

I love them all. Yes all!

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Many males are also attractive and turn me on. I have since and I forever will go on loving my supreme shemale, who is now 49, ten years younger than myself, but I care not about age. Trannies are often very appealing. I prefer males to be feminine. The majority of them look far, far sexier this way.