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There was an error. Love is always enough, never doubt that. My girlfriend left me a while ago.

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I loved her more than anything. There were some difficulties, not with the relationship but with the age and it became too much for her I was the younger of the two at 21 to take. Not a day goes by that I don't wish she was still with me and there for me to hold. Because no matter what love should conquer all, and trust me if he loves you it doesn't matter what else is happening in your life, there is no one in the world he would rather be with. Flag pwned55 on November 02, General Comment This song brings back so many memories. It was my boyfriends and mine favorite song. I remember him telling me "it is sooo beatiful.

He got killed in a car wreck. So everytime I hear that song, I cry and think of him. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment this song is not only about letting go of someone who you love and always love, but its about not wanting to let go. General Comment Beautiful song Dolly Parton wrote this and she doesnt get enough credit 4 it.. General Comment This song will forever remind me of my true love. There were so many obstacles that we could not overcome to be together. I remember sitting in the restaurant looking at him thinking, it simply should not be this difficult if we are meant to be together.

But sometimes, it's not so straight down the line and love is not enough. This is one of the saddest, break-up songs ever. General Comment This song reminds me of what my boyfriend once said to me.

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He always thought I could do better than him, then he would try to leave me, and I remember I would let him walk away while he says, "I will always love you," but the problem was when he did that he ended up coming back, wanting to work it out, then he got worried and tried to walk away again like this song, but I stopped him from walking away because I knew that I would find no other like him. That is how I relate to this song, but I kinda disagree with it, if you are leaving someone and they don't want you to and if you really don't want to, you shouldn't leave, even if you do feel it is for their own good.

It is their life to, and I know this because I have been that person that the artist is singing to. I totally agree with you : Flag AngelFace1 on August 14, General Comment Beautiful song. Whitney had the voice of an angel until drugs ruined it. This song is her best or at least one of her best. It's gorgeous. To the special woman who has held my heart for a very very long time, this is for you. Yesterday's scary post showed that nothing has changed, unfortunately, and never will. But I shall take to the grave with me a love I've never been able to expain to even myself.

I guess sometimes only God knows the reasons why. She was smarter than that. Don't get mad, get writin'. What's better than suing over a problem? Getting a hit song out of it. She and Wagoner sang duets on the show but they were never lovers, merely professional partners. Nonetheless, she very cannily turned their situation into a love song: "I was trying to leave the show, and Porter was having such a hard time with it," she said.

So it came to me just to write what my feelings were in the song So, you know, I have to get out of here, and I hope life treats you kind, and, you know, I hope you have all you've ever dreamed of. And I'll always love you. To play Dolly's original after Whitney's bombast is like discovering an orphaned child underneath the rubble. Dolly's take is rueful and reflective; it understands the fragility of love. She composes as Irving Berlin did — dictating tunes to a musical secretary — and no one would claim "I Will Always Love You" is especially interesting musically.

But, as with, say, "You Are My Sunshine", if you're true to the simplicity of a song, it can be very affecting. She sings all the verses very conversationally and at the end just speaks the lines, which is hard to pull off, though she does:. By contrast, Whitney's demolition is bloated and bullying. No wonder Saddam liked it. Yes, yes, an important qualification: Whitney's demolition sounds bloated and bullying, coarse and unfelt But, with hindsight, I think it's not unfair to conclude that Dolly understood love better than Whitney. The Bodyguard was supposed to mark the next phase of a superstar's superstardom.

It didn't quite work out like that. Whitney Houston died before her time, and more to the point, from the perspective of her mentor, Clive Davis, before his time — the glittering Saturday-night pre—Grammy Awards bash thrown by the music mogul that's become an annual triple-A-list event for what's left of the pop biz. Six Grammy seasons ago, the fallen diva apparently drowned in her bath on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton a couple of hours before guests were due to arrive at the hotel for Mr. Davis's party. It was decided to proceed. Because of the circumstances of Miss Houston's demise, the LAPD declined to remove her body, leaving it in situ and sealing the death scene with yellow tape.

Dre ate and drank and sang and rocked out "with Whitney Houston tragically passed away just a few floors above," as Media Bistro tactfully put it. Downstairs, the celebrities tragically partied, a difficult balancing act. Diana Ross and Berry Gordy capered for the cameras, and then remembered they weren't meant to be having that good a time. Toward the end of the party, the corpse was removed — discreetly, one trusts, as it would have been unfortunate if the coroner's men had crossed the lobby with the body bag while Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige were giving pre-Grammy interviews to Entertainment Tonight.

I think Whitney would have wanted that to happen. But the show-must-go-on saw gave the game away: Officially, this wasn't a show but a party. Except that, like many such "parties" in Beverly Hills, it was a corporate event masquerading as a social occasion. Strictly business, like a mob wedding with a body in the trunk. If anyone at the news networks thought the scene macabre, he preferred not to say. CNN was particularly respectful to the showbiz muscle, perhaps because their former comrade Larry King had made the cut and one day they might, too — although Larry was sufficiently old-showbiz to tell reporters the whole thing should have been canceled.

I met Miss Houston once, over 20 years ago, just for seven minutes or so. I was a dork, and she was beautiful, if even then somewhat overwrought. I wouldn't mention it, except that Fox News was reduced to interviewing a "showbiz blogger" or some such whose claim to authority was that he'd once been in an elevator with Whitney.

I make no claim to intimacy, but I'm mindful that underneath even the most drug-rotted caricature of celebrity is someone real. And so it was with Whitney Houston. Before she was the fourth-floor ghost at Clive Davis's feast, she was the daughter of a gospel singer who grew up singing in church. Had she remained a church singer, she would be alive today. No matter how heartfelt the song was to Dolly, Porter Wagoner understood that at least.

If they'd had a sense of humor, the Iraqi government would have played it at the execution. It's what connects Saddam to Porter to Houston — a recognition by the other party that, whether you're a nation or a TV show's gal singer or an A-list Hollywood gala, there are times when you have to move on:. Mark has a full TV schedule on Monday.

More details here. We hope you'll join him. Also for Mark Steyn Club members : If you disagree with any or all of the above, feel to ululate that yoo-oo-oo will never lu-u-urve Steyn and his Song of the Week columns all across our comments section. As we always say, membership in The Mark Steyn Club isn't for everybody, and it doesn't affect access to Song of the Week and our other regular content - in fact, we're providing more free content at SteynOnline than ever before - but one thing it does give you is commenter's privileges, so do have your say. For more on the Club, see here - and don't forget our special Gift Membership.

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Submission of reader comments is restricted to Mark Steyn Club members only. If you are not yet a member, please click here to join. If you are already a member, please log in here:. Even before I learned how popular this song was in Iraq, I always believed that what Whitney Houston had done to this song was the equivalent to what Uday and Qusay did to the Iraqi Olympic Team. Following up on your Shirley Bassey mention, I listened today to her early songs, including "As I Love You," in , before her lustrously powerful legato voice became a melodic statement with a period that then later became an exclamation mark: I!


Who have. I happened to find on youtube her appearance at the Royal Variety performance where she was indeed "fabulous. It was the emcee's heartfelt acknowledgement of the Queen Mother, however, that was, for me, the supreme moment, or moments of the Show. Her Majesty, Her Royal Highness, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, stood in her segment of the audience, wearing her tiara, and her diamonds, and, yes, her purse, and she looked with sad, solemn, humble, grateful eyes at an England that she knew was disappearing. Why, she perhaps did not know. It seems to me, as an American, that the benevolent royalty of that time did not quite comprehend the incompetence of the post-WWII neo-socialism that the Parliament was getting this country into.

The results of which are currently being played out in horrific ways. The emcee, whose name escapes me, reads a poem to the Queen Mother, and then the audience sings "God Save the Queen," and there was not a dry eye in the house, nor in my house. One of the performers in that show that night posted a comment about the clip of this show; he was part of the Crazy Gang participation! I'm sure the BBC somewhere has an entire recording of this marvelous and at times mundane performance.

The assortment of variety acts is something so egregiously missing from entertainment today. All we have is "open mike amateur hour" from the DNC. I know Shirley Bassey claims he stole it from her, and he very well may have. But with Thomas, it's less stalker, more aspirational desire pressed against that window-pane. As for Mr.

Jones and his Welsh timbre, before he descended into the sweaty Las Vegas lounge act, his voice was a majestic force in itself. And it was his voice moving me, not his body! I recall the story that after Dolly Parton recorded this song, she laughed all the way to the bank.

After Whitney Houston recorded it, Ms Parton bought the bank. She does put the right note of regret into her performance. It's so rare to find one who does not feel the compulsion to howl, wail, and lament, at the very least, at some point. I usually skip the musical commentary. I am so glad I didn't this time. This piece has has an incredible insight per paragraph ratio.

The one facet of Dolly Parton's public persona that I really love is her absolute refusal to discuss politics. The word of the day is "ululation".

I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston | Credits | AllMusic

Think of any pop star singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and count the multiplying syllables. Dolly Parton talks about avoiding politics, cut from another interview, on Laura Ingraham starting at 37 minutes in. I'm a huge fan of Dolly Parton.

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Her concert tour was the most enjoyable performance I have seen in a long time. Saying that as a huge opera fan, among many other musical genres. Dolly was "Pure and Simple", as per the tour billing. Great music and great fun, she is definitely, as she says, an entertainer. OK, this is quite a coincidence for me. As I mentioned in a previous comment, yesterday I watched an old episode of Uncommon Knowledge with Andrew Breitbart on the politics of Hollywood. Breitbart mentioned the removal of M.

Larry Lawrence's body from Arlington and how his lies were brought to the public fore by Ariana Huffington while she was still conservative and the Left villainized her for it. Lawrence was a buddy of Bill Clinton, which should surprise no one.

Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You Lyrics

Of course, also not to be missed is the Uncommon Knowledge episode with Mark Steyn discussing "America Alone" in For those of us who don't fall to the fallacy that the world starts in this exact moment and nothing past matters, there is some great listening and reading from past years that holds ever more true today. As always, I went over to YouTube to listen to every song mentioned in the piece Antonio Banderas - "Bella Maria de mi alma" , and some of the related and recommended songs as well.

The Whitney Houston version was one of two songs responsible for me almost breaking a finger there may have been others along the way, but I've successfully managed to block them out , as I used to listen to a lot of music on the car radio. The selection buttons were all preset to my favorite stations for quick changes when necessary. It got to the point that the song was beginning to drive me nuts, and I'd have to switch stations every once in awhile when it came on, but there'd be those rare instances when it would be playing on the go-to station, too. That's when I'd do a panicked and overly hurried lunge for any old button within reach, and almost break a finger in the process.

That comment came out as abrasive and I did not mean it to. Though Dolly does a much better version. Also,though I love the soundtrack I have never actually seen The Bodyguard. Again that comment came across as abrasive and I did not mean it to, I apologize.