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And that information can feed into hallucinations. Hallucinations -- multisensory experiences not based in reality -- can stem from substance abuse, mania brought on by bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. And vampires, Klapow said, are good fodder.

Hangout Fest Profile: Vampire Weekend : The Alabama Weather Blog

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    Alabama Vampire (Paperback)

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    Anger wants a voice. Voices want to sing. Singers harmonize till they can't hear anything. I thought that I was free from all that questioning, but every time a problem ends, another one begins.

    Vampire FaceLift ® and Vampire Facial ® in Montgomery, AL

    And the stone walls of Harmony Hall Each of its 18 tracks contains a keyboard or guitar hook that snags your ear. Each yields up one or two or more neatly turned lyric phrases, and whether the composition is under two minutes or in excess of five, each song seems pretty much exactly as long as it needs to be. This is craftsmanship so polished you might not take in at first all the roiling emotion going on just beneath the surface. I just thought it didn't rain in California. Baby, I know love isn't what I thought it was 'cause I've never known a love like this before you.

    Baby, I know dreams tend to crumble at extremes. I just thought our dream would last a little bit longer. There's a time when every man draws a line down in the sand. We're surviving. We're still living. Are we stronger? TUCKER: In the past, Vampire Weekend's best-known songs have either been about very specific items, such as the Oxford comma, or about very broad topics, such as the passage of time.

    The title of this new collection, "Father Of The Bride," is a tip-off that this one is concerned with relationships as they flourish or wilt over extended periods.


    In the song I just played called "This Life," vocalist-songwriter Ezra Koenig tucks an anguished lyric about cheating and being cheated on into a chipper melody. We got married in a gold rush, and the rush has never felt the same. Shared a kiss in pouring rain. We got married in a gold rush, and the sight of gold will always bring me pain. Please don't say it loud. I just want to go out tonight and make my baby proud.