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I had PET because they thought l had frontal dementia but it came back normal. Finally she said you been misdiagnosed. When l went to the vascular med doctor he told me one of my shunts their was blood seeping through. I went to the hepatologist there because he thought they would have to do the procedure again but they didn't but this doctor knew about all my symptoms and he told me if you have anymore problems l want you to call me. Well praise God a doctor that finally listens.

I came home and my new hepatologist said l had hepatic encephalopathy. My rheumatologist said l elevated liver enzymes and elevated ammonia levels. I was having problems again with dizziness, slurred speech , numbness and shaking. I told my doctor l wanted my ammonia level tested and sure enough my levels were high again.

After bringing taken off of lactulose l am back on it again. Last week again slurred speech, shaking, unable to walk and having problems with my sight. They thought l had a stroke after all the test the doctor said everything came back normal again. Next day l got a message to check my results from all the test and it said abnormal EKG. After being told it was normal. So now l just annoying my head with oil and pray and its free. And pray that l am finished with doctors and the medical community. And being only allergic to 1 med now it's so many the doctors are scared to prescribe me any.

In all things l am so blessed and thankful until God l am still alive, So. And if he didn't tell me what to say or do l we ould still be just an experiment for those who don't care or at least listen. So be your own advocate that will it keep your sanity and definity pray. It cost nothing Hello everyone! I had a liver biopsy and my liver was fine. I was fine for years with no liver damage that I knew of when I started itching and had something like hives, mostly on my back.

I also would get a bloody nose every once in a while, out of the blue. My doctors never even mentioned that it might be Hep C. They knew I had the virus. I had not quit drinking alcohol at this point. Anyway, several months later I vomited blood all over the bathroom floor and passed out. Luckily I happened to be at my parent's home, so they called an ambulance. After one stop and the local hospital, they sent me to a bigger hospital in the big city about 2 hours from where I live.

Sirens blasting all the way.

I Put Brent Through My Workout Routine!

Talk about a nightmare!! Anyway, I ended up finding out that I had stage 4 cirrhosis with esophageal varices. I was in shock and very scared. I was in the hospital for 5 days, 2 of which were in intensive care. I almost died from losing so much blood. Here it is a little more than 2 years later and I've gotten rid of the hep C virus and am taking awesome supplements for my cirrhosis and also eating a clean diet.

I'm doing great. My lab tests came back almost normal after clearing the hep C virus. My meld score is currently 10, but I'm doing my best to get it down to 6, which is good. So, my story is, no matter how bad you think it is, you will make it through it. Definitely QUIT drinking alcohol.

I don't drink at all now and to be honest, I barely miss it. Sure it's a pain in the butt sometimes to have to take so many supplements and eat right, but it's worth it. I'm even losing fat!!! You can do it! Kathy :. After many trials from up to last year on top off news I was stage 4 chronic liver hep c geno1 I was put on Harvoni 1 pill for 12 weeks but I was told there was an energy buzz wow a buzz I never got any sleep 5 weeks wacky state to be in as I tried to seek help surprise surprise off the meds end off , but on bloods non detectable yes I was very confused I never trust any one or believe them after years off let down , I now am trying to live some normal life style that suits me , the policy of waiting till your stage 4 is counter productive for all involved, I hope that you to get a chance , this harvoni is maga cool at killing hep c , never give up you can't you owe yourself a chance especially if your from old school 50 ish major respect to be still around where all square pegs in this round hole world Stay cool.

When i had my first child in , I had to have a blood transfusion and ended up with Hepatitis C. In I found out and was put on interferon and Ribovirin which I only took for a very short time, since I had an anaphylactic reaction. I had severe tiredness and some pain throughout the years. So much more energy and better health now. Unfortunately I have chirosis of the liver and have to have MRIs and labs done every 6 months to look for cancer.

My 3 children were tested when they were younger just to make sure they did not get it from me. My husband has also been tested. We try to live a healthy life, very little or no alcohol, healthy diet and exercise. I had cancer years ago myself, Lymphoma B a very fast spreading cancer.

I went through chemotherapy but after I was released and cancer free the Doctors said it will come back. So I started my own computer information search. I found out a German Dr. It had to be oxygen through physical exercise to fill the blood with as much as possible and a high heart rate, not just breathing pure oxygen. So I remember from high school health class cross country skiing is the best aerobic exercise. So for around three years after I started my own exercise program, about three times per week I would turn on the music and "cross country ski" in my bedroom.

Open the windows or even go outside for greater clean fresh air. Stand still, bend the legs and swing both arms at the same time like you do when you cross country ski using only your ski poles to propel yourself up small inclines. Just after two songs the sweat was rolling off the body. Heart rate would be more than double after 20 to 30 minutes. Then let the body cool down. Another thing I have changed is my eating habits.

Sugar is what cancer lives on, and Americans are highly exceeding their daily sugar amounts. But if you do this exercise I recommend starting slowly, especially if your not in good physical shape. Also find a way to increase your daily dosage of magnesium in the body. Through Epsom Salt baths or Magnesium supplements. There is also a lot of natural cancer fighting remedies through Dr. Axe website or Dr. Mercola website. I'm a mother my son was diagnosed with cirrosis 18 months ago through Drink he's 42 years of age he was an alcoholic but was in denial for a very long time we were and are devastated he has been sober for 2 years never touched another drink but he has tried to overcome this it's very hard for him only he has coronary heart disease and is insulin dependent this is all caused because of drink and drugs ie cocaine I am so proud of him he''s helping others who are in the same position he was in but my son nearly died with burst varices the work he is doing to help people is recognised by so many people and he can stand up and talk about it.

Greetings, I got hep-c from a tattoo back in the late 70s. In the early 90s I was finally diagnosed with it. I've been taking milk thistle since then. I've taken really good care of myself and kept it at bay. They put me on interferon which my body rejected halfway through the program.

I've worked very hard to keep my enzymes normal through diet, being very positive and an array of various herbs. Two years ago they finally put me on harvoni and I am hep-c free, although they also put me on blood pressure medicine which gave me cirrhosis. I will never stop fighting to correct this, just remember your liver is the one organ in your body that can rebuild itself it can regenerate.

Change your mind and change your life! Good luck and good life to all! I live in hell everyday with severe back.. I contracted hep C in A bit over two years ago I was sent to a liver specialist, then another specialist and it was discovered, thru a scan, that I had hepetucel carcinoma, liver cancer, I was lucky as it was still operable. To cut it short when I got out of hospital I started a 90 day course of Havani.

Thru scans it had been discovered I now had five small Timor's in my resectioned. I took the course of Havani and it acts like fertilizer on Tumor's and I think it made the Tumor's worse but it killed the hep C The doctors were nice but wrote off any chance of living. They told me I would go into hepatic encolopohy fall asleep and die. I had altered my diet to my version of anti cancer.

Have used milk thistle herb for years. The doctor put me on Nexivar tablets. The most I could tolerate was one a day,any more and I was useless. After months of exercise,walking,clean food but still smoke? This is with three monthly scans etc I have been declared cancer free! This doesn't happen or very rare. Now the cancer has been gone for more than six months but I am told to keep taking one Nexivar plus three blood pressure tablets to off set the effects of the Nexivar.

I am now cutting all my meds in half everything at half dose with a view to stopping all of it shortly The doctor has to say keep on taking the meds because no one knows what stopped the cancer. I am sure the Hepatitis C caused the liver cancer and just as sure it won't come back because the Hepatitis C is gone. Best wishes and good health to all. At 16, was hit by a car. Was given tainted blood products to save my life. Cure, at that time, sounded WAY worse Dx: Hep C, cirrhosis. Rx: Take Harvoni--viral load reduced from millions to zero No symptoms; belly swell and eye yellowing gone; energy level great; happy Will keep you posted!

I'm 6'2" and weigh lbs. Two years ago I was told that my liver has scarring fibrosis that is one level below cirrhosis. I'm a very obese person having been fat all my life. I've lost weight several times in the last few years on diets only to eventually fail miserably and end up in the same lifestyle that led to my fatty liver. I'm so incredibly upset and disappointed in myself that I haven't been able to save my own life and eat correctly.

In two days I'm going for another fibrosis scan and i'm afraid that i'll be given some really bad news. I can feel my health slowly failing over time, especially over the last 6 months. I deal with bone sucking fatigue, malaise, liver area pain and a general ill feeling. My symptoms can come and go from day to day or week to week or month to month. When I lose weight I usually feel better for a while, but my diet never seems to last.

Recently I started eating poorly again and have been dealing with constant fatigue for the last 3 weeks. Sleep helps a little, but this kind of fatigue is not cured by rest. I'm trying once again to set goals to lose weight for myself. I need to think big picture and long term years in order to succeed at saving my life, but I have to focus each and every day going forward to eat to lose weight and eat healthy. I have two kids age 10 and 7 that I love so much. It would haunt me in my grave if I couldn't live long enough to see them grown up as adults. I would love to live long enough to see my daughter get married one day.

My very life is at stake, but somehow I'm too stupid to consistently do the right thing. I guess an alcoholic might feel the same way. If anyone else is in a similar situation I'd sure like to hear from you. Sir my husband suffering from liver cirrhosis and done tipps procedure in the Year but Still taking alcohol from last eleven months pl help by answering me. Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with hepatitis two months a go. Three days ago I started feeling dull pains on my right upper of my abdomen, the next day I started seeing rashes on my wrist to the fingers and today too I'm feeling another sharp pain on my right chest.

I sat down and recalled what ate through out the month and I got to know that I consumed red meat a lot. I would like to advice the fellow hepatitis patients that if only they can cut off eating red meat it gonna help them. Thank you so much. Hello, my name is Pamela. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis when I was That was 43 years ago.

I want to share my story of a childhood journey that affected my whole life. I have been told both a couple of times since catching it 43 years ago. Doctors have confused me more than anything. How I live today is how I live. This is all I can write for now. I will continue soon.

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'I cured my IBS': Three women reveal how they treated their irritable bowel syndrome

I am going to finish my Epclusa medicine to treat the Hepatitis C that I got through a quack hairdresser in pakistan. I will write in detail in the 1st week of April when I finish my medicine. He has been doing awesome until now, his liver enyzens are elevated for the 2nd month in a roll, now he has to have a liver biopsy.

Im sad, scared and don't know which way to think. In the back of my mind in thinking oh no, here we go again. His biopsy is scheduled for the 16th of this month. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, knowledge oh why this could be going on. Anything positive, negative , caring words or thoughts. Please help. I had my gall bladder taken out a few years ago and they saw a "spot" on my liver Last week I had an attack of pancreatitis history of that since gall bladder thing! I'm trying to eat better, healthier I had Hep C for over thirty years.

I'm sure it contributed to my heart and kidney failure. When a cure for Hep C came I was lucky enough to have insurance that paid for the thousand dollars pills. One of the tests I took showed my liver had zero level fibrin. I think this was because of the liver supplements I took to fight my disease. In twelve weeks I was cured! All I need now is a kidney transplant or an artificial kidney. I've seen a lot of my old friends die of liver disease. Don't be one of them. I do not smoke or drink. Hopefully my liver will revert to normal though my Dr says it will be a couple years. I can only hope and pray.

Has many of you know about 2 yrs. There are sometimes no symtoms at all for a lot of people and they feel perfectly fine for many, many years, while others get very sick. Everyone is different. I did not find out until I saw a new Dr. If it was not for her I would have never known and probably would not be here to tell my story. Every Dr. Not all Dr. Stand your ground and insist!! Get a different Dr. Remember The squeeky wheel gets the grease! Thankfully the old dreadfull interferon-ribavirin combination treatment basically chemotheraphy is now a thing of the past for the most part.

I had gone through this old treatment for 3 yrs with no sustained results, but with the new drugs out, I was totally CURED for good within 6 months. Here are some things one should ask ones self: Are you a baby boomer people born between and , were you vaccinated in the 50's and 60's for chicken pox, polio, mumps, measels etc. It is NOT in any other bodily fluids unless they contain blood. If you match any of the above criteria you owe it to yourself, your family and friends to get checked out. Never thought I'd submit any info until I experienced a very serious but privately hidden health experience.

Soon I began having severe abdominal discomfort and lack of appetite. God spoke to me and gave me answers to my concerns but I was truly afraid about the consequences I was experiencing. Please, protect your gut but do trust in the truth of His Promises. I'm a 57 yo female with End-Stage-Liver-Failure.

Transplant is my only option. I am trying to live with what little liver function I have left. I'm learning diet is everything. I also have Esophageal varicies, a result of liver cirrhosis. Salt and sugar are the enemy now, as well as alcohol. I've learned all processed food is bad. If you're taking meds for Gert, don't take tumeric, bad cramping. Milk thistle really helps in my opinion. I am always looking for liver friendly recipes, and juices to drink with no high fructose corn syrup!

Stress is also an enemy. You must have emotional health as well. The toughest part for me is extreme fatigue, and my joints hurting. Any help out there for that? Does anyone else ever feel alone, on a deserted island? This disease I was prescribed Elcupsa and 90 days later I was cured. No sets tion of the HC viruses detected. I relieved a blood transfusion back in the 70s, so I.

I was never an intranveous user nor anyone I dated to the best of my knowledge. The side effects of the medicine were no minimal. My medication was also free, thank God. I used to tire easy. I had a lot of stomach bloating and a lot of flatulence. In glad to be cured. My energy level is normal now. Medicare paid for my prescription. I also had great Hep C doctors, of whom I was referred to by my personal physician. My liver also used to hurt, my urine was very dark. My urine is the Corte color and my enzymes are normal again.

Glad to be cured. I have liver cancer and it sucks. I have no social life because I'm either going for blood work cats cans or doctor visits. Thank God I'm with the loving woman that understands. I was diagnosed with Hep C 25 years ago. From that point on, I tried to take better care of my organ, but that only involved cutting down on my social drinking substantially. At the time, there were no resources that provided additional recommendations.

Two years maybe 3 ago I was successfully treated with Harvoni, and I thought I was home free. Then a year and a half later by virtue of an MRI that was done to follow a couple of benign cysts on my kidney, there appeared a hepatocellular carcinoma on my liver. I had never heard of one of those before, and when I did some research, I got scared. The hospital that discovered it could only offer open surgery, and their description of the procedure caused me to look for another way.

The surgery was a resounding success, but the high recurrence rate still makes me nervous. As a result, I have altered my diet drastically, subscribed to a number of cancer related websites, and begun taking a boatload of supplements recommended by these site and by lla very knowledgeable local herbalist. The bottom line here is that 1 Harvoni is very effective; but 2 you could still be at risk for liver cancer. Do everything within your power to take care of this important organ. Follow the advice given on line - only organic foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, very limited alcohol if any, and zero sugar or sugar substitutes except stevia, which comes from a plant.

Also cut down on high glycemic foods like bread and pasta. These recommendations are common throughout the websites I follow. Right in the middle of the second treatment I came down with hcc liver cancer which caused me to have a lar laproscopic liver resection. My advice to anyone is to do Harvoni a piece of cake compared to old therapies , get well , make some changes, you also will never look back again too!! My mother and sister, unfortunately, lost their battle to this illness and I was next. I grabbed the bull by it's horns: drink pure lemon water in the morning, on an empty stomach, high quality milk thistle supplements, dandelion root and relaxing exercise walking on the beach, yoga.

Peace is a must. Don't forget to have a clean diet, cut way down on sugar and drink water. Some history: I am a 78 year-old male and have always been active and, except for Reumatoid Arthritis, have been quite healthy. I mention the arthritis because, I believe, the arthritis medications infusions and other oral medications I was prescribed over years led to my current liver problems.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage-4, non-alcoholic cirrhosis. My Oncologist told me there is no cure and the only thing he could do was to help keep me alive a little longer than the 5-year expected life expectancy his main concern at this time was to help prevent cancer from developing.

In June, , I was diagnosed with a bile-duct tumor that was not accessible for surgery nor radiation so this left chemotherapy. We tried infusion, then the pills, but my body reacted negatively to the chemo. At this particular time the mother of a friend told me she began taking CBD cannibisoil for breast cancer and in 6-months her cancer was all but gone. I did not believe it, but I tried it anyway what did I have to lose. The THS is low enough that it does not get me high. Merry Christmas and I am praying for all of you with this terrible disease.

So I need help and info i had my gallbladder removed in March my surgeon did bioposy of my liver because he said it didnt look good, the results came back f3, my family dr didnt recommend a liver specialists So I made my own now its December and my results are horrible. Hepatatic encephalopathy, I drink no alcohol am diabetic, no hepatitis, so from my understanding hereditary anyone know of any alternative medicines?

I'M still in shock. Been an alcoholic all my life. About a year and a half ago I started feeling weird mentally and went into a brain fog for about 3 or 4 months, accompanied by indecisiveness, slow movement, panic attacks and shaking feeling from inside out, then lost my appetite for about 3 weeks. About the time I was coming around mentally and getting my appetite back I started having a swollen feeling in my abdomen. I didn't know what was happening. Then started having bowel problems including lots of mucus in stool.

After all the testing I had done the only thing I had was a grossly enlarged diffusely fatty liver. I didn't stop drinking till about 6 months ago cause the doctors I saw during this time never said my liver was the cause. They just shrugged their shoulders and told me they didn't know what was wrong, which left me feeling frustrated and devastated. One doctor told me though the enlarged liver can push over and down on everything in your abdomen.

Pretty well got to be the problem. Things are getting a little better, not mental anymore, bowels are slowly starting to work better. Swollen feeling hasn't gone yet but I've been told that could take a year or better. All the fat has to get out of the liver before it can go down in size any.

I'm still waiting for this. I was diagnosed with PSC an autoimmune Liver Disease over a 11 yrs ago and in March of underwent a Liver Transplant that has given me back my life. The symptoms included severe itching, cholangitis attacks which occur when the bile ducts of the liver become blocked. Also fatigue. This was the hardest part of the illness to overcome. Hi there, my story is long but very educational for anyone who is or has suffered from Liver Cirhosis.

That is why this is so hard for me to write. I went alcohol free for 5 years. I have, again, been diagnosed with cirrhosis. I have a healthy diet, work out regularly at a gym, walking at least 3 times a week and it still got me. I have virtually no symptoms except a bit of water retention which my doctor told me that reducing or eliminating salt would help that immensely. I am embarrassed and ashamed that I drank again because it was so easy for me to quit.

I was totally flabbergasted to find out I had cirrhosis again but I was told it came on so quickly because I was already compromised by medication I am taking for anti rejection etc. I don't mind saying I am more than a little scared and was wondering If there is anyone out there that has been through what I have and are feeling like I am I need some emotional reinforcement to get me through this.

It wasn't my diet that caused it, it was actually Excedrin use. I used to take an Excedrin and within 20 minutes would have pain in my liver area. I still take Excedrin from time to time as I have migraines, but I don't experience the pain anymore! Praise God! Came in before the machinist and cleaned up oil and mopped floors with Trichlorethelene.

In the following years, whenever I had a blood work done with a physical exam, I always had elevated enzymes in my liver tests. Started taking it and when I went for my Executive Physical at Cedars Sinai, my doctor was shocked that after years of elevated liver enzymes, my liver was now testing in normal ranges. He told me that in all the years he practiced medicine, he had never seen this kind of improvement.

I got a big smile on my face He was beyond shocked and took the information down. And as I usually do, I then take my Executive physical results to my primary care physician at Kaiser for follow up items and she immediately noticed and asked me what I had done. So will be taking this product for life! Thanks so much. I am very grateful for this product! It started by Donating blood in I was written back and said my enzymes were extremely High.

And to not donate blood any more. They suggested I go to a Gastroenterologist. I did and He said they did not know much then and whatever script I wanted he would write it. I started leaving. Then he says you know the top Doctors who are studying is this Place and this Dr. I called and had a. Biopsy they wanted me coming back for 6 months I believe it was as some People can fight it off and others progress.

I was the latter and Diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

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On Biopsy I was Stage 2. At this point in time we estimated I could have had the virus 10 to 16 Years. I always wondered why I always felt tired had a low grade fever and my spleen was enlarged. In i was asked to Participate in a study for Pegylated Interferon. I think it was a year of meds. Then 6 months they Followed you.

I did pretty good. Then the side effects started happening. My children were young.

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I had no help and I asked to leave the study. It was changing me. It was really horrible stuff. Since about the year i have had my blood work monitored and Biopsies. In i was Hospitalized to run a test to see if I had Cancer. It was not. But I remember the Dr. Yelliing at me to get out and get seen for my Liver. So i did I had a Fibroscan.

So I was shocked when the nurse told me my Liver looked like a "burnt pot roast" and I was in Cirrhosis. My Dr. Put in for treatment. Denied once appealled with the info needed and I was approved for Harvoni. I went on it and had no side effects and My virus that was killing my Liver is gone.

Rachel, Have you looked into other food intolerances? I went off gluten, soy, eggs, pineapple, asparagus, garlic, and ginger three years ago. My symptoms improved somewhat, but not completely and I still got sick Constantly. Now I am seeing a new naturopath and going on an elimination diet to find out if there are food intolerances that did not show up on the blood and saliva tests.

I have high hopes for feeling better at last! I am going to try to make what is normally a really long story as short as possible. The headaches started when I was 8. I remember the first one — walking home from the restaurant, the pains in my head and body — just wanting to find a dark place. By the time I was 18 I had little niggly things all the time: headaches, tiredness, tears, mild depression. Report card after repord card said that I was bright but had trouble with follow-through. All mild symptoms — but looking back, they were indeed symptoms of a larger problem. Then at 27, in very short order, I lost my father to cancer, had appendicitis and moved across the country…the more serious symptoms started then.

I had acute anxiety. I started to feel like I had sharp glass shards in my belly all the time. My belly was always hard and swollen. I had awful bouts with constipation. Pregnancy was not possible. I felt light — like a heavy cloud had lifted. More intriguingly, the anxiety lifted, too. It was so weird and so wonderful to discover that I am, in fact, an optimistic and cheerful person.

That I actually see the glass as half-full — and not, as I had thought, as half-empty. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the infertility was irreversable, which happens sometimes for celiacs who are diagnosed late — but we are okay with that. But it took 27 years to figure out that I had celiac. I try to be as open as I can with as many people as I can, especially parents of children who might be celiac as I was — maybe I can save someone else 27 years of feeling like a hypochondriac.

I am writing this in the hope that someone would recognize the same symptoms and try to go gluten free. I have had skin, articular, and intestinal symptoms for years. The doctors never put them together, the intense skin itching was first attributed to a fungal infection, then it was diagnosed as psoriasis.

The joint pain could not be attributed to anything after some blood work. The intestinal issue aka loose stools, sorry for the TMI was kind of embarrassing so I never mentioned it to my doctor. I also suffered from bad bloating but I always thought it was due to my endometriosis. My chiropractor, who had recently gone gluten free, suggested that all my symptoms could be due to a gluten allergy. After two months of being gluten free I ate tons of pastries over New Years Eve when we were on vacation, and I got the bloating and the skin itching back with a vengeance.

I was floored. I also discovered that I am lactose intolerance, which can develop too after a gluten intolerance. I am still having joint pain in my feet, but not as bad, no more skin rash or back pain, and my acne has also improved. I forgot to mention another not really pleasant symptom…. I know a woman whose irregular cycles became regular and whose back pain disappear once she went gluten free.

The good thing is that it is easy to try and go gluten free for one or two months and see what happens. I love starch and luckily I can eat wonderfully with out gluten. Dairy products like butter and whipping cream are the things I miss more, as there is not substitute for butter or cheese.

After about 2 weeks, I noticed I had less bloating, which caused me less pain due to my endometriosis. I also had better cognitive abilities no more brain fog! After my surgery confirmed that I have endometriosis, I read up on some books about healing through nutrition for endo and they all strictly say that you need to give up wheat, if not gluten in general.

When I came down with unresponsive acid reflux in my early thirties, I tried unsuccessfully to get relief for 3 years. I could barely eat anything without triggering the painful searing of acid in my throat. I lost 20 pounds. I spent hours researching on the internet, reading books.

My gastro doctor told me I was stressed! It took longer for my stomach to heal and the reflux to resolve because the damage was so severe. It is amazing, when it gets bad a Chiropractic adjustment fixes it immediately!! Just wanted people out there to know that Chiro is not just for your back or neck. The Acid Reflux was simply unbearable some days. Had been scoped, given every medication they had, it helped some. Finally one evening at dinner we were discussing a friend who was diagnosed with Celiacs, my wife suggested going gluten free, and seeing what happens, A week later NO PAIN, had lost nearly 15 pounds, felt terrific.

The main reason why I would urge anyone who suspects they might have Celiacs is, Years of misdiagnoses has eaten my joints and I suffer from terrible pain, some of you know it robs your body of beneficial vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain good joint health, I am 45 sitting here going from heat to cold packsfrom running 10 feet in a straight line, blew out my knee, terrible pain. Additionally, eating GF has become so much easier in just the past couple years, there is no reason not to try.

I hope people are having better experiences today. I hope to help raise awareness by sharing the story of my diagnosis as a series on my website this month. Even if one or two people can relate to the symptoms and find their way to a healthy lifestyle, it makes it all worthwhile. My husband and I tried for 3. I miscarried twice before that. Looking back…. Eating lots of curries, rice etc and very little wheat products. We then moved back to the states, however, and I went back to my normal American diet.

HIGH in gluten. We continued to try for a second baby and after 2 more miscarriages my naturopath suggested going gluten free. She said that she knew several people who were able to get and stay pregnant who had done that. I was ready to try it! My sister and brother had both just been diagnosed as celiacs. I got tested, but my blood test came back fine. I went gluten free anyway. I truly believe it was because I went gluten free. Eating gluten really affects him.

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 11 months ago when anti-gliadin antibodies showed up in my blood work. I had been getting migraines since I was about seven years old. At the time of diagnosis, I was getting them on average about twice a week. However, since going gluten-free, I have not had a single migraine. This is the starkest difference. My only headaches have been associated with the over-consumption of wine. I also have hypothyroidism for which I had continually needed to increase my dose of meds.

Interestingly, I first became ill with hypothyroidism while living in Italy, a time during which I ate pasta twice a day! This, like the migraines, has also gone completely. I had felt very, very ill since January of My head was foggy all of the time. I was grouchy. I got migraines regularly. But I will never go back. I feel amazing now. I actually enjoy food without awaiting the punishment to come.

No drugs. No shots. No expensive medical treatments. Just good, wholesome food and no gluten. I can do that. Fellow Jesus Freak Here. Church has been a difficult place to introduce any kind of alternate eating plan. Can you imagine the healing that would take place. It would be phenomenal. I think last week I brought apple juice. Thanks for sharing your story. I had been sick for years my stomach would get huge and bloated. I would get flushed in the face and it would feel like I had a fever. The worst part was that I would get every illness that was going around, everything.

My body ached and my head hurt all the time! I felt lethargic no energy. I would have bowel movements a day or the other extreme would be no bowel movements for weeks. I had extreme indigestion I was on prilosec for 12yrs I would vomit stomach acid at night when I was sleeping. I have 35, I had even mentioned it once and I was told that it was too rare of a disorder and there was no way I had that. Three years ago a client of mine I do hair noticed how sick I looked and asked what was wrong.

I told her all of the things I had been going through and she said I have celiac and I think you do too. So the that week I went to the a new doctor and had them do a blood test and it came back positive!!!! All those years of thinking I was dying!! I quit eating gluten that day and it took less then a month to feel better and I have never looked back!!

I feel so good now and I am so grateful for my health and my life!!! Horrible headaches when I was a child ; the whole family did an elimination diet and eliminating wheat did wonders for me. Fast forward 20 years, through working in cafes, working as a baker, being the sort of hobby baker who made my local sourdough before it was cool… I was absolutely exhausted by mid-day.

The headaches had returned. I had horrible stomach cramps, room-clearing gas sorry! If I slip or get poisoned, sometimes nothing happens, or I could be occupying the facilities for the next three days. I still remember the rice flour pancakes my dad made; trying not to show how disappointed I was, at 10, as my pancakes slowly dissolved into the syrup yet still managed to be incredibly gritty once I got them in my mouth. My family has a constellation of autoimmune disorders and my grandma likely had celiac.

My siblings and parents are clear. This sounds very much like my symptoms before I went gluten-free — digestive upset and cramping after meals and a mid-afternoon crash. I am one of those people who was never tested beyond the standard blood test, which came back negative. I found out about my gluten intolerance by accident — my mother had gone to the doctor with some classic Celiac symptoms, and because she is otherwise so ill he declined to test her and just told her to go home and try a gluten-free diet.

It worked wonders for her, with all her digestive upset and some other symptoms disappearing immediately, that when she went back for her follow-up the doc asked her if she had any children and mentioned that Celiac is hereditary. I had a ton more energy and generally looked and felt so much better that I never looked back.

Shauna, thank you so much for all you do! I went gluten free a year ago. Symptoms included but not limited to : Headaches, fatigue, constant nausea, arthritis, rosacea, secondary infertility, brain fog, apathy. I started feeling sick—intense abdominal cramps, bubbling gut, foul, insistent gas, diarrhea with fatty stools AND constipation, fatigue, and sudden URGENT need to poo within 20 minutes of every damn meal—when I turned Two years later, I had my gall bladder taken out, on account of a giant gall stone.

My poo became more liquified after that. Fast forward to 18 months ago, and I am 31 years old, and feeling so damn tired and weak all the time. My sister recommends that I see a naturopath, since from him and no other doctor she was able to learn what food sensitivities were afflicting her children, and she thought that he might have some insights for me. And sure enough, I did a saliva food sensitivities test, and the results were highly reactive to gluten.

I was also severely vitamin D deficient. So I went off gluten the next week wanted to get my last bites of my favorite foods first of course. My skin even cleared up a little. I started on a vitamin D regimen, and I started to feel like exercising. It was an OMG moment for me. Effing doctors. I had the allergist do a skin test and went later to the naturopath for the saliva test. He tested positive for peanut, soy, and wheat allergies and many sensitivities and is now also off of dairy. The naturopath did such a great job with him that I decided to go ahead and get tested for food sensitivities as well.

You see, about 5 or 6 years prior to this I had been diagnosed with IBS by a gastroenterologist and was given much the same brush off as my sister. For years my symptoms worsened. Sure enough, the saliva test showed that I am intolerant of gluten. It took me longer to get a hold of my symptoms than Rachel because I am also lactose intolerant. But once I had rid my diet of both, I started to feel better.

Just knowing that I feel better without wheat and dairy! My daughter had shocking eczema and dermatitis. Long story short a naturopath suggested she stop eating wheat products so she took this a step further and stopped eating anything with gluten. Her skin problems cleared up. She was asked if anyone else in her family had similar issues. I researched gluten intolerance and voila!! So I stopped eating it. All such symptoms ceased.

Have not had gluten sensitivity tests done. I was in a severe car accident in and suffered a head injury. My docs said fatigue would be a symptom for a long time as I healed, but when I approached the date when I was told most of my major healing should be done, I still felt like garbage and had no energy. I was trying to finish my college degree and found it hard to focus, to concentrate. I immediately began to look at my diet and almost right away I made the connection. Was fatigue a symptom on my injuries and healing?

But now I can tell the difference between a normal kind of tired and a gluten brain fog. They feel VERY different. The times I did eat gluten accidentally — at a restaurant or something — that sticky brain fog would creep back in, make it seriously difficult to function and destroy me for hours. I was sick my whole life. Pretty much all these symptoms got worse when I went to college, and finally a week before my senior year, I was diagnosed with Celiac and an autoimmune liver disease called PSC, which apparently can be triggered by Celiac. Before this I suffered daily with unbearable stomach pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, and foggy brain.

After the birth of my second child, I was well on my way to losing the baby weight. I was going to the gym days a week and feeling pretty good. Suddenly, the weight loss stopped. I have hypothyroid and had been diagnosed for 4 years. I thought my loose stools were because I was eating better think whole wheat in an effort to lose the baby weight.

Over the course of 3 years, I tried and still am trying to lose that baby weight. I am currently training for a marathon and I am still the same weight. On the recommendation of a friend whose mother was diagnosed with Celiac, she thought I should be tested due to the inability to lose weight being similar to her mother. The doctor looked at me like I had grown horns and put the order in. Um, thanks a lot! I had the endoscopy done and it came back positive.

This was March I have been trying to be a good Celiac and not cheat. I know that gluten in my system can ultimately lead to colon cancer. I have been much better because I know that I feel tons better without the gluten. I was surprised to get the diagnosis and thank my friend for mentioning it. If you have any crazy symptoms, I recommend you get the blood test done.

I have had issues forever. When I was 40 they thought it was stress and spastic colon. Then in late January-February , I started loosing a lot of weight lbs in 3 weeks. I was grey and just sick all the time, my doctor told me it was just a bad sinus infection. Large dose of antibiotics and still nothing, while he was on vacation, a colleague I work with sent me to his doctor and they took me off of the antibiotics and ran a lot of tests. I ended up in the emergency room and they recommended a Gastrologist.

Since colon cancer runs in my family it was the first thought we had. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and he also did an endoscopy. A day later he wanted blood test done and the blood test confirmed the scope, I had celiac Disease. I remember when the phone rang on that Sunday morning and I saw his name on the caller ID I thought I was a dead women. He apologized for calling me on a Sunday but knew he had a busy schedule and wanted to talk to me as soon as he could.

Then he said as of tomorrow no more gluten, nothing ever again. I knew a little bit about celiac disease and he explained the details of it. So I scheduled an appointment and he told me he put patients in categories, mild damage from gluten, moderate and extreme. I fell into moderate and extreme more extreme than moderate and he told me it could take years for me to feel better and so far it has. He also sent me back to my doctors about other issues I was having. So it was a year that also included several other tests, because they were looking might as well check for this and that.

I had a mammogram and guess what; yes while I was being prodded and scoped they found two lumps one in each breast. The biopsies were fine and I recently was release from every 6 months to once a year mammograms? Put a fork in me I was done. I have had other issues in my life after my oldest son was born I lost 3 children in three years prematurely. My youngest child came with many complications but he came. So I am grateful for so many things that have happen in my life, good and bad. It could have been a lot worse. The quartet of gluten reactions in our family show the spectrum of reactivity.

Ed had osteoporosis at 45 so badly that he broke his femur ice skating with our daughters from a simple fall on the ice. Oh, and bad gas after eating, soft teeth with lots of cavities, and general brain fog. I had all the digestive complaints, stomach ache, gas bloating. Now I know they were most likely miscarriages. Our twins stopped growing once wheat was increased in their diet as they entered kindergarten.

Just stopped, no growth for 4 months. We had kept a wheat-free house for years simply because I knew I felt better without wheat in my life. But finding spelt bread around our small town was difficult and meant a special trip to one store. So we introduced wheat bread in the lunch box. Thank goodness, I was measuring them monthly! Oh and once we stopped for a while it became even clearer why we need gluten out of our lives. I get horrible gas, bloating, diarrhea and brain fog with any exposure Ed gets migraines as well as the GI complaints.

Fiona bounces of the walls, looking for all the world like a child with ADHD. Her skin itches and her body has to purge itself. Now she is beginning to manifest the migraines too. Katie gets the GI complaints and tremendous lethargy. So we cook for ourselves, try to help other folks learn about thriving gluten free and just say YES to the best diet for us. I used to cry every day, from the age of 10 onward. I was diagnosed with chronic depression but no medications or therapy made any difference.

I was diagnosed with arthritis and told to plan for a knee transplant. I was put on ulcer meds but dietary changes never came up. I was twenty-five when an acquaintance was diagnosed with Celiac. I did some research and decided that my problems might be caused by gluten intolerance. My doctors at the University actually discouraged this course of action, telling me there was no link between diet and depression.

I ignored them because nutrition is so often overlooked, and I would rather modify my diet than commit to lifelong medications, especially since none had worked for me and had only caused terrible side effects. Six years later, I have almost no arthritis pain, which feels so miraculous. My depression is manageable, thanks to dietary and social changes.

My stomach never burns. Going gluten free has saved my life. I am now 31 and feel better than I can ever remember. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was I had migraines times a week until I was 22 — I took medication to manage the symptoms, but it was awful! I was always underweight, and hated eating — I almost never had an appetite.

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By the time I was diagnosed, I was vomiting at least once a day, had horrible intestinal pains, very depressed, and my hair was falling out. My infant daughter became extremely ill at 6 weeks old after having been a healthy 7. She lost weight, had repeat ear infections, severe GI issues and respiratory infections. We where told she had CF, cancer, pediatric lupus, and numerous other illnesses.

In one of our numerous hospital stays a doctor walked in took one look and asked if she had Celiac Disease of course she had Celiac and was very aware of the signs. Within two months my delayed lethargic baby was a running toddler. The doc later said my daughter started responding to my breast milk. Of course my husband later found out he was celiac.

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My blood panel showed positive and my biopsy endoscopy showed normal. He recommended switching to a gf completely gf diet to reduce my risks of cancers. By switching to gf my cancer risks are the same as the average non-smoking female. By not switching to a gf diet, with my positive blood tests, my GI explained thaty cancer risks would be about six times the average. To me this was a simple decision.

Just like you, when I see food with gluten it repulses me because all I see is poison. Since switching a year ago, my cholesterol went from good to great and I eat a lot more fruits and veggies. Keep up your awesome work and motivating posts! I was diagnosed with Celiac in None of the usual intestinal distress. But, for about two or three months, I just felt gross. My stomach felt icky. Everything I ate made me feel stuffed. I described every meal as Thanksgiving dinner and that feeling of fullness.

Everything I ate made me feel that way. But I just felt gross.

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So, finally, after eating some cantaloupe one day during lunch I was fed up with feeling ready to throw up. I called my doctor. She was busy. So I saw her associate the next morning. I went in and we chatted about what I felt. She asked me about my history. I was asked if I ever had stomach aches as a kid and I remembered the incredibly painful stomach aches I used to get that would lead me doubled over. I was asked about my family. My dad had complained of stomach problems since I can remember. My aunt had a host of gastrointestinal issues. My grandmother died of stomach cancer when I was a kid.

I was asked if there were some triggering foods. I told her none. She gave me some acid reflux medication to try. But also ordered blood work. I will always credit Dr. My numbers came back through the roof. She encouraged me to have the endoscopy just to be completely sure and also make sure there was nothing else going on.

I did. Like most have written, I was brought up on bread and pasta and well, flour. I was raised in an Italian family! But I was so happy to have an easy answer to problems I had never really consciously been aware of. The dull joint pain in my fingers? Likely gluten. The increasing forgetfulness? Gluten again. Mood swings? Oh yes, gluten. And the family history of cancers and stomach problems? I miss how easy getting a quick sandwich used to be. I miss sflogliatelle. But, it is my answer. I was lethargic and swollen on top of being overweight.

I had no energy to exercise and no amount of dieting would budge the weight. My joints ached and I would get a LOT of migraines. Things came to a crisis when I was bitten by a cat, very badly, and my hand turned into a raging infected mess. Like a lot of celiacs, a health crisis shoved me into full-blown symptomology. Finally, a friend with a lot of food allergies and a gluten sensitivity told me to get tested because these symptoms were familiar to her.

I have Celiac Disease. I found out later that the fact I have rosacea is also a clue — once you have one auto-immune disease, you are more likely to have or develop others. I went off gluten as soon as the tests were done — before I got an official diagnosis. Like you, Shauna, I was reborn.

I felt like a whole NEW person. I keep thanking my friend for pushing me. I also get very crabby and my temper gets a hair trigger. Oh — and I get confused and ditzy. My daughter was 2yo when she was diagnosed. She will now turn 7 in October. She had the classic symptoms starting somewhere between 12 and 18 months; distended belly, skinny arms and legs, low energy and putrid, light, oily, lose stools with almost every diaper.

Our luck was that our Pediatrician had recently gone to some continuing education and Celiac was a covered topic. We are very lucky to have been diagnosed so quickly. At diagnosis my daughter was Granted she has a genetic advantage having a 6ft8in father, but it just goes to show that following the diet can have such a huge impact on a child. Today we are doing great. For the most part she is ok with bringing her own gluten free versions of whatever is being served at school or at parties, etc.

We try to keep focused on what we can have and I keep a freezer stocked full of cupcakes, cookies, muffins, biscuits, brownies, rolls, chicken nuggets, etc. If we have an impromtu food situation, I usually have something to offer. I had chronic diarrhea for over two years and saw countless GI specialists and physicians, had umpteen tests run on me.

Sadly, bacon and chocolate were also. And all soy products. I made changes to my diet immediately and have been mostly symptom free since. I have more energy and a much happier life all around. All the GI issues. Carlo Rotella is the director of American studies at Boston College. L ate last spring, the country-music star Keith Urban sent a text message to Matt Chamberlain, one of the busiest and most respected drummers in music. Would Chamberlain be willing to fly out from Los Angeles to Nashville to give it a shot? The two worked together several years before, and Chamberlain was good friends with Dann Huff, a producer on the project, so he packed up his sticks and a newly acquired Elektron drum machine and headed east.

Chamberlain, 48, is a session player paid by the project, a below-the-radar rock star who often shows up only in the liner notes. In a world of dwindling recording budgets and increased automation, he could well be the last one drumming before software takes over completely. Chamberlain assembled a drum loop — a small-scale mechanical repetition born more of hip-hop than country — and then played live drums over the loop, deepening the timbre and also providing accents and fills when the movement of the verses seemed to require it.

Within a couple of hours, the drums-bass-and-voice opening and the entire vibe of the song were effectively complete. Country Airplay chart. This is the work of the modern session drummer, and it is why, when a major-label project needs drums, Chamberlain is often the first person producers call.

And so he lives at an odd intersection, or perhaps a vanishing point; part virtuoso whose skills have never been more relevant, part John Henry figure, hammering away as music is increasingly composed and performed by machines. In his younger days, with straggly hair down to his shoulders, Chamberlain very much looked the part of a touring musician with a soft spot for recreational drugs.

Chamberlain in middle age still has a youthful bearing about him, like a lot of people who genuinely enjoy what they do, and he dresses low-key California: black Vans, dark jeans, beat-up button-down shirts. He rarely misses a chance to make a joke at his own expense, but there is a seriousness, an earnestness, that never quite disappears. He drives a Volvo.

He has a full recording studio set up: a control room stocked with vintage gear and a large soundproof tracking room where two drum kits sit miked and ready to go. There are drums everywhere, more than anybody should rightly own, stacked on top of each other and hanging from racks: multiple rock kits, a Brazilian pandeiro, Tibetan bells, a gallon oil can rigged with a spring that Chamberlain pounded with evident joy and a built-in cupboard with 20 slots for different snares, each of which is filled. These are the physical versions of the samples. He cued up the track and then, without any practice, played along with it, sounding so much like the programming that it was almost hard to believe it could be a live performance.

Within an hour or two, the track acquired shaker, tambourine and four flourish-filled runs on a full drum kit, just to give the production team some different options. Chamberlain is an elegant player; no movement is wasted. He plays with a traditional underhand grip, which is more often associated with jazz than rock. By p. Then he went home to make pasta with his wife.

Chamberlain was 15 when he decided to learn how to play the drums. As a kid in Los Angeles, he had access to some real talent. He found David Garibaldi, the drummer for the soul band Tower of Power, and began taking lessons. Afterward, he would hang around at the Professional Drum Shop on Vine Street, to pick up drum books and listen to older local drummers talking shop at the counter. North Texas State now the University of North Texas accepted him into its music program on a scholarship, but he lasted less than a year.

For a while he slept in his practice room with his head on the pillow in his kick drum. After he left school, Chamberlain moved to the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, about 40 miles away, where he played in several bands, often just for food or enough cash to put gas in his car. The band, without Chamberlain, has since reunited. After a year, though, Chamberlain decided to move to Seattle. But demand for his services remains strong. In a poll to be published later this year, the readers of Modern Drummer have named him the best studio player in the business. On another perfect California day, Chamberlain was back in his Sound City studio, laying down beats for a company called the Loop Loft.

The job was notable largely because it involved no musical collaborators at all. The Loop Loft pays virtuosic drummers to create bulk rhythms that the company sells for a lump sum. The software is designed for people who are making records in their garages and basements or for commercial producers scoring an advertisement or the end of a television program. For Hakim, Gruss had typed out descriptions of beats and suggested tempos to go along with them, but there was no such list for Chamberlain.

As an engineer got the kit sounding right in the control room, Chamberlain roamed over the drums and settled into a rhythm that Gruss liked. Over the next four hours, Chamberlain would roll through nine other grooves and five different setups, swapping out drums and cymbals in search of new sounds and textures. When the Loop Loft session was over, Chamberlain wandered in and out of the control room, packing up his gear for another recording stint with Keith Urban.

This time the sessions would include the Welsh bassist Pino Palladino, one of the most respected players around. Instead of adding drums to a previously recorded track, Chamberlain would be playing live with Palladino in the studio. Chamberlain loves playing live above all else, for those moments when the music takes an inexplicable turn but somehow everybody stays together. No machine could match it. Musical duets are usually ordered by heterosexual difference and its various dramas. As in: She gives, he takes. He pleads, she refuses. They may reconcile, but the performers always observe the classic sex distinction — making the circumstances of the female vocalist a good barometer for the circumstances of female speech in general.

The women put on their respective versions of a placid attitude — Rihanna sings with cheek, SZA cheerlessly. Each is calm but, you suspect, coursing toward some possible furor. The closeness approaches uncanny, suggests an erotics of the self. Rihanna often returns to Barbados, the landmass that bore her.

What kind of pedals? What amp? Actual bugs. It was cute.

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It has received around , views on YouTube. This invitation, like much about DeMarco, might seem tongue-in-cheek but is in fact sincere. The house he rents in Arverne, Queens, is an unprepossessing four-bedroom cottage in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, with cigarette butts peppering the lawn. When I rang his bell, he came to the door in boxers and a rumpled Hugo Boss T-shirt, greeted me with slightly bleary-eyed politeness, then led me past guitar cases and piles of laundry and a cluster of half-inflated party balloons to the kitchen, where Kiera McNally, his girlfriend of five years, was baking gluten-free banana bread.

Over a cup of diner-style coffee — from an industrial steady-drip machine that DeMarco pointed out to me with pride — I asked what the repercussions of inviting hundreds of thousands of fans to his house had been. It can get a bit weird. King Sunny Ade came to mind as I listened, as did Jerry Garcia, an acknowledged influence, but I found it nearly impossible to pin down the music I was hearing, or even to date it.

There just happens to be this thing called the Internet around. The family has musicians on both sides: a lyric soprano, a jazz saxophonist, an uncle who lives in London and sings standards. Agnes herself had a stint, as a teenager, singing at parties and weddings around Edmonton. At 16, Mac started recording songs in his room, by himself — the way he still records all his music — and playing in a band called Belgium with two friends from high school, Alec Meen and Peter Sagar. I always hated the name Belgium. In Vancouver, where he lived for a time in the boiler room of a printmaking studio for Canadian dollars a month, DeMarco continued recording songs, posting them on Myspace under the name Makeout Videotape.

They were all these great, noisy, lo-fi bands, and I halfway fit in, mainly because I had no idea how to record. But I was trying to write Beatles songs the whole time. While performing at a music festival in Calgary, DeMarco reconnected with McNally, whom he knew in high school, and within the year they moved to Montreal together.

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But I found something in those songs that I could use. After a barely perceptible hesitation, he played the songs gently, sincerely and with a devotion and skill that were never entirely obscured by the grin on his face or the jokes he cracked. I take a helicopter to work. I was reminded, watching them together, of something DeMarco told me on our drive. Not a thing. The platinum-selling doo-wop duet features the artist Meghan Trainor who, like Puth, has thus far used her considerable songwriting talent to create songs so depthless they feel like waxworks.

In , Gaye recalled to his biographer, he was listening to one of his songs playing on the radio when it was interrupted by a news bulletin about the riots in Watts. For the first time, homeboy is furious, as if he has just realized that the only response to the stereotype of the angry black man is to get angrier. Black artists, as they conquered the mainstream, were getting even blacker.

Black love, black empowerment, black history and black wisdom are explored so deeply and intelligently that you assume that conservative media fetish, black-on-black crime, will never show up. I was right there with him until that third verse. The second verse widens the focus and ups the power. Part of the thrill as a listener is hearing him go there, go further than anybody else.

In the first instance, exploitation and indifference make him a killer. It was almost unbearable to anticipate what this prophet of rage was going to drop next. I could feel the verse pulling away from me as soon as he got halfway into it. It turned into call-and-response, me and this third verse, which went a little something like this:. No, dude, those are two nations going to war. Xhosa get compared to gang warfare? Because it weakened them both in the face of the real enemy?

Either all war is hell, or all war is thuggery. Me: No, brother, no! Here was a black man invoking the detestable slogan of black-on-black crime to prevent himself from mourning the unjustifiable homicide of a black boy by a Neighborhood Watch vigilante. All I could think was: Where the hell was Kendrick going?

Things can get messy when the black gaze turns inward, to this thing called personal accountability. Personal responsibility. Personal respectability. A woman has the right to wear what she wants, but. Black men can wear hoodies and let their pants sag, but. Rap has never been scared of being contrarian, and so here I thought that maybe he was deliberately playing with the idea, deliberately embodying the perspective to eventually show it up for what it was.

Nas once wrote a song from the point of view of a gun. It starts from within. Martin Luther King Jr. That kind of thinking almost suggests that racism makes sense. But racism makes no sense. And in scrambling for answers, you look everywhere, even within: Did I do something to bring this on? Was a part of this outcome in even the slightest way my fault?

Fact is, black people have always believed in respectability politics. We achieved. Everybody knows how hard we Jamaicans work. Maybe you should stop whining about your troubles and own up to your laziness. Maybe if you do what I did, you would be manager of that Chase branch on the corner, just like me. Bootstrappism is the chocolate echo of white racism. You can find it in black self-help and how-I-became-a-millionaire books.

Nearly every time Steve Harvey addresses black people. It was Kendrick doing what he does better than anybody else: complicating a discussion at exactly the point where everybody, including me, tries to simplify it. And this is what he was aiming for all along, questioning what even many black people would never dare question, arguing that yes, every argument, even this one, has two sides. More sides. And then I got to that song, No. Almost implosive. Who is the one expecting the black man to be Everyman, black man to reflect the universal good will, or at the very least a carefully curated black rage directed at a carefully identified target?

Hip-hop has always been about spinning clever fictions, doing what great narratives do: inventing stories that tell the real truth. We do this over and over, judging artists of color based on a warped idea that legitimacy can come only from experience. You would think I would know better, given that as a novelist, I deal with the same assumption in nearly every interview. Young men, murderers before 15, murdered before Nearly everybody assumed that I had experienced some of this.

And here I was doing the same thing to Kendrick. How someone can feel rage at murder while being fine with suicide. He was exploring these themes as concepts — you know, that thing that artists do. He was posing tricky, difficult questions, for which there were no answers, getting into the middle of his song, feeling it, breathing it, but still inventing.

That it must be autobiography or documentary. Or thought Johnny Cash ever murdered anybody or knew anyone who did. Marlon James , a novelist, is the recipient of the Man Booker Prize. Free Max B! A cultural ferment, frozen in amber. Run the Jewels, continue to push boundaries with their latest music video. Watch it in virtual reality. Listening makes the blood rush to your cheeks, your heartbeat pulse behind your eyes. The value of the album is held between those two songs: It captures the variegated sides of black life in America and its specific feeling, a dizzying mix of frustrated helplessness and joyous survival.

Run the Jewels gets this. If you listen closely, through their artful grandstanding, you can hear a radical politics. Which is another way of saying the truth; listen, and hear the world change. It used to be, if you wanted to vibrate at the same frequency as the Mayan spacemen, you needed to move to a Southwestern city that specialized in horse art. It used to be, if you wanted your aura photographed, you had to go to a cramped Chinatown crystal shop.

Places that are, for lack of a better word, hip. It used to be, if you bought an album from a small Vancouver electronic-music label, you could expect some kind of weird minimal techno. These days? Do you catch my drift? It sounds like a poster of a wolf. It sounds like a hologram sticker of a dolphin.

It sounds like a tattoo of an open eye. It sounds like the font Papyrus. Why would urban-dwelling gentrified-Brooklyn types embrace the atavistic philosophies of conspiracy theorists and mononymous zither players? One answer is that this is how cool works: Things that used to be uncool become cool, and vice versa.

We live in an age of aggressive positivism, a world overtaken by metrics and markets. To accuse New Age revivalism of insincerity — reducing the possibilities of belief to a binary — is to miss the point. The gentle woo-woo spirituality of New Age is attractive because it refuses the grinding realities of life spent in the shadow of Wall Street and Hollywood and Silicon Valley.